ТУТОРИЈАЛ: Бањање на бебе (ВИДЕО)


How to Bathe Your Newborn

This newborn sponge bath captures every detail because I remember the fear that accompanied giving my newborn his first bath … there is a lot to pay attention to while keeping your baby safe. This video will give you confidence with easy step-by-step instructions. The time out in the middle happened because baby Vanessa wanted to take a nap! We kept her warm and let her settle into light sleep. Her Mom decided we could finish the bath and still allow her to nap. It worked great! The room was very warm, and we changed the water so it was nice and warm, too. It only takes a little thoughtfulness and loving care to give your baby the best experience while accomplishing your baby care, too.There's more! Discover baby care practices that promote trust, happiness, self-confidence, independence, raise IQ, and improve the overall health of your baby.Learn your baby’s “language” to know what your baby needs and how to respond with appropriate care.Extraordinary baby care, easily yours, helps you raise a truly amazing human being. Our world needs more "amazing human beings” and your baby can be one of them!

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